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Refund Policy

The registration fee paid to Sycamore Busines Solutions Pvt Ltd is refundable ONLY under the following circumstances:

  • Candidate will be entitled to be refunded only those money which has been specifically mentioned as "REFUNDABLE" in the refund policy provided by the company.
  • Refund claim will be entertained by the Company after completion of the registration period of the registered candidate when the company fails to provide minimum number of 3 interview calls to the said candidate
  • The candidates shall follow the refund policy.
  • Candidate will be entitled to receive that refundable money as mentioned in the refund policy in case the candidate terminate his/her registration of membership in the company within 24 hours from date of registration.

In such instances, the decision of the Management is final and binding.

Please mail legal@sycamoremanpower.com for refund claims.

N.B. tax will be calculated separately, other than the membership charges



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