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Terms & Conditions

By viewing this site you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions written here-under. Sycamore Busines Solutions Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred as "THE CONSULTANCY") intends to provide its registered members with accurate and updated information's regarding different jobs openings by the relevant companies. This company is basically working as a e-newspaper regarding job openings in various industries. The company intends to provide its registered member the jobs openings of the different relevant companies as will be available to it, but that may not be to the satisfaction of any particular registered member. Further, it is said that the company is to inform its registered members about jobs as will be available to it offered different company for that particular registered member. By registering in the company you unconditionally accept to be bound by the terms and conditions provided herein below:-

  • THE CONSULTANCY is to inform its members about the jobs available to it for them.
  • THE CONSULTANCY in no case will be responsible for the information given by it.
  • THE CONSULTANCY is not concerned within the certain limit of the quality, package, salary, terms etc. of the job as will be provided to its members.
  • THE CONSULTANCY is not concerned and responsible if the candidate is selected for not or if the job is of the satisfaction of the candidate or not.
  • THE CONSULTANCY in no case is concerned and responsible for any dispute, misconducts, mishap, harassment, illegal acts etc. committed by the recruiting company/ firm etc. with candidate or otherwise to which the candidate is selected by us.
  • THE CONSULTANCY needs to verify and do all prudent actions to know about the recruiting company and to go through and agree with as will be necessary all the process and terms and conditions as prescribed by the recruiting company.
  • THE CONSULTANCY is offering several policies of registration against several charges with the respective services for each policies as prescribed by it.
  • THE CONSULTANCY will be entitled to move the court of jurisdiction, if any denial of payment as agreed by the candidate takes place and the expenses of the legal proceeding incidental thereto will be at the cost of the offending candidate.
  • Information such as the details and charges of the polities of registration, job etc. provided by the company will change from time to time without any notice being provided and nature and timing of the same is solely governed by the company management.
  • Information provided in this site is meant to help the candidates to arrive at the better informed decision.
  • The decision to register and/or apply for any job is at the sole and complete discretion of the candidate.
  • THE CONSULTANCY does not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed by the companies and the candidates are expected to independently verify the same.
  • THE CONSULTANCY is not liable to any loss and/or damage arriving due to any click which takes the candidate out of site. Any transaction done by following a link to a third party site is at the sole risk of the candidate and the claims, if any, shall be settled with them.
  • THE CONSULTANCY is entitled to cancel/blacklisted of the membership of any registered candidate if the candidate fails to appear in the interview call for which he/ she was sent for through us and if the candidate does not join the resulting comply in which he/ she has been selected for employment.
  • THE CONSULTANCY never provides any job in any Government Organization or Government Affiliated Company.
  • THE CONSULTANCY implies to provide the candidate the promised services as prescribed for the respective policies of registration against the respective charges.
  • THE CONSULTANCY will be entitled to take any appropriate legal action for any defamation or other illegal acts to hamper, frustrate or harass our business etc. committed by any person.
  • These terms and conditions, agreement they create and/or any dispute arising out of or incidental thereto shall be governed by the prevailing Indian Law in the relevant jurisdiction of West Bengal.
  • The relationship constituted by the registration of the candidate shall not fall into the Consumer – Service provider relationship.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions, you warrant that you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions without by impairment.
  • Candidates shall be bound by the referred policy provided by the company.
  • Candidates shall register and make the relationship at their own will and not guided by any phone calls, emails or advertisement etc. by the company or its agents.
  • Candidates are required to furnish the appointment letter /offer letter of the appointing company within 7 days from the date of joining to which he/ she has got the job through us.
  • Candidates are supposed to attach the age of majority to register to the company.


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